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Unexpected Encounters | When Street Meets Studio Photography

I was rummaging through some old photos of mine recently and came across a time in my life that reminded me of how the random encounters when you least expect it can often be the most memorable ones. 

A few years ago, after finally returning to the UK after years of travelling and in the process of trying to work out what do next, I took my camera up to London for a day out.  

On exiting Waterloo station I headed for Leake Street just underneath to take a few shots.  It was here I encountered a group of creatives consisting of photographers, make-up artists and models just quite simply, having fun being creative! 

After watching as a (probably slightly awkward looking) casual observer, a chap came over to me and asked if I had ever used a speed-lite (I presume on seeing my camera).  I said no, and explained I had really gotten into photography whilst travelling but had no experience of studio photography as such, I was just fascinated at what they were doing so hoped they didn’t mind me watching! He clipped his speed-light onto my camera and invited me to have a go, which led to me to being introduced to the group and invited to attend their future meet-ups, giving everyone the opportunity to build up their portfolios.  

It was one of the best experiences for me, to have the opportunity to gain experience in such a supportive environment and that they made such an effort to include me. The group sadly disbanded a couple of years later due to the organizers day time work commitments, however we all left with very fond memories and a few new shots for our portfolios! 

A photo shoot in Epping Forest, London

A fashion shoot in a derelict building in Holborn, London


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