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Symmetry Motions : Ouse Valley Viaduct

A few photos from my recent visit to Ouse Valley Viaduct in Sussex, a delightful county which is also home to the longest bench in the UK, but I digress.

The term viaduct is derived from the Latin via meaning "road", and ducere meaning "to lead".

Built in 1841, Ouse Valley Viaduct extends for 450 meters in length, and is 29m high. However, numbers alone (in my eyes) do not do justice the scale of this engineering feat.

Its impressive architecture boasts grand symmetry, dramatic views and guiding perspectives. It’s a photographers dream, and sometimes few words are needed to describe such places.

There are some lovely scenic walks in the surrounding countryside worth exploring whilst there too.

It is a popular spot these days due to its ‘Instagrammable’ appeal. A lovely backdrop for many going through life's motions to gaze wistfully into the distance in search of life's answers.

Here was my best effort:

All in all, a highly recommended visit from me to anyone who finds themselves in the region.


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